Alice Wheeldon – Her Story and The Campaign for Alice Today

Alice’s story (in brief) may be found below: Click and a copy will download direct to your PC:


Recent article in “The Independent” concerning Alice, and details of Sheila Rowbotham’s updated volume: “Friends of Alice Wheeldon”

Sheila Rowbotham artcle







Below is a link to song about Alice Wheeldon, By Robb Johnson…please enjoy this very moving music.


DPH-Alice-Wheeldon-Pamphlet-1-May-2013 (1) – CLICK to download information about the dedication of Alice’s blue plaque

ARTICLES OF INTEREST – From Derby Telegraph (DT) (Click on pictures below to visit DT online for the complete articles as published)

The working man’s hero whose jail sentence led to protest in the streets







Conscientious objectors shunned for their beliefs

HISTORY: Words of Derby anti-war activist Alice Wheeldon were inspiration to Adam